The debates between science and religion are more alive than ever in the 21st century. It is common to portray the two as locked in an intractable conflict, and that the only tenable, rational and intellectual position is atheism. This is a myth, and a dangerous myth too .

I am dedicated to the idea that it is possible to believe in God and science. By examining the history of the interaction between science and religion, biblical and theological ideas and the key areas of science, such as the origin of the universe, evolution and human consciousness, we can equip ourselves to decide which path to take through these crucial debates. These paths offer ways of balancing both a serious, and nuanced understanding of the science with a lively, rational and questioning faith in God that takes the Bible seriously. 

An important path which takes us into knowledge of God is the one which values human experience. When I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21, I underwent a profound and difficult experience which has shaped my identity and my theology. Healing is something that we all long for and indeed is something which is needed in every facet of life, both individually and in our communties. But I believe that the power of story may offer insights into healing, identity and knowledge, and that story is shaped by our interpretation of events and the world, the world that is described by science.

On these pages I weave together many ideas that are important to me, science and religion, theology and healing, storytelling and community. I hope that you find something of interest.

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