Science and Religion: The Future

I recently attended the annual conference of the Science and Religion Forum, held in the University of Durham. The topic of the conference was the future of the field; surprisingly, perhaps, the outlook is mixed.

The conference heard that Science and Religion as an academic pursuit is not fully accepted in the academy, is not often taught in our theological colleges, is not of interest to the general public and is held back by appealing only to a small segment of the population. For a more detailed summary of the conference, the link below will take you to the closing reflections from Dr. Mark Harris.

But new avenues were opened that shone light such that progress might be made into areas of engagement that could re-energise the field, dominated as it has been, by schemes and models, arguments and speculation. And the seed of this reinvigoration is the humble human being.

Whether it is taking seriously the value of story and how we construct identity, or the use of existential philosophy to reflect on the meaning of science, or indeed engagement with Transhumanism which experiments with ideas of how science can improve humanity, we are invited to enter fully into these debates, each one of us, and take them into new places. It is about human identity, it is about humans doing science and it is about celebrating the very best of science and looking, with astonishment and hope, at the world in which we dwell and asking what this means for us, wonderfully created in the image of God. Over to you.....